What Mizoram can teach Northeast & rest of India about Traffic



Mizoram, one of the states in the Northeast India, has been recognised as a ‘silent city’ due to the fact that the drivers rarely honk their horns unless extremely necessary.

Besides being known as the ‘silent city’, Mizoram is also known for its traffic discipline as the people of the State cooperate and maintain mutual respect with the traffic authority and drivers.

Recently, Mizoram Tourism tweeted a picture of traffic in Aizawl city, the same of which was retweeted by Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga.

The tweet read, "A unique driving culture...where everyone respects one another. This is Aizawl City...Its not because the roads are narrow.. its about respect for traffic rules and signals that are paramount to drivers. Pic courtesy - Moses Lalhruaizela via Facebook."

Mizoram's discipline is known not just in Northeast but the entire country. Its sense of discipline is not restricted to only traffic management but also other sections of society like strict compliance to rules during elections, be it assembly or parliamentary.