Mizoram Govt issues guidelines to adhere during quarantine period

Meanwhile, considering the financial constraint faced by the Government and the austerity measures that have been taken, all expenses related to quarantine shall continue to be borne by the persons concerned until further orders.

Mizoram Chief Secretary who is also the Chairman of State Executive Committee, State Disaster Management Authority, Pu Lalnunmawia Chuaungo has issued a notification regarding the imposition of mandatory quarantine for all persons entering the state, and guidelines to be adhered to during the quarantine period.


According to a notification issued on April 9 stated that institutional and community quarantine be operated afresh as some persons to undergo quarantine may not have suitable space at their residence for strict self-monitoring. 


Meanwhile, considering the financial constraint faced by the Government and the austerity measures that have been taken, all expenses related to quarantine shall continue to be borne by the persons concerned until further orders.


Following are the guidelines that shall be adhered to in the process of quarantine.


All persons entering Mizoram who have tested negative by RAgT at entry points shall mandatorily undergo 7 (seven) days quarantine/self-monitoring either at home or any other quarantine facilities.


Home Quarantine:


Persons tested negative by RAgT at entry points or persons advised to undergo quarantine because of contact tracing shall strictly observe quarantine for 7 days. 


However, it is to ensure that separate bedrooms and separate toilets, only for the quarantine, are available. 


If such facilities are not available at one’s residence/ place of stay, the person (s) subjected to the quarantine may opt for either community quarantine/ institutional quarantine at one’s own expense as a safety measure.


Community Quarantine Facility:


LLTFs/VLTFs are expected to identify at least one community quarantine facility, within their respective locality, as a measure of preparedness for any unprecedented sudden surge of cases. 


This is also envisaged to quarantine persons of the locality who were not having a suitable space at their residence for self-monitoring at home. 


However, prior approval of the concerned Deputy Commissioner and the advice of the Health & Family Department should invariably be obtained. The operation and management aspect will be the concern of LLTF/VLTF.


Government Quarantine Facility:


All DDMAs shall endeavour to identify and operate enough quarantine facilities, as per the local needs and assessment, to tide over any shortage that may arise in the future.


Person(s) desirous of undergoing quarantine at Government quarantine facilities shall report themselves at the entry point, which will be relayed to the concerned officer-in-charge of quarantine facilities at the Deputy Commissioner’s office of the district. 


Then the concerned authority will make arrangements for admission to the quarantine facility. 


Such person shall bear all the expenses including rent, food and COVID-19 test.


The cost of boarding and lodging for 7 (seven) days shall be paid to the Deputy Commissioner in advance at the time of admission into the quarantine.


In case of compelling circumstances, if persons undergoing quarantine require immediate release, they may opt for RT-PCR at their own expense. Then, if the RAgT negative result obtained at the entry point is confirmed by the RT-PCR test, it will not be necessary to complete the remaining period of quarantine.


Brief stay:


Non-residents of Mizoram for a short stay in Mizoram on official business and technical experts or persons with specialisations whose services are required by Government departments, companies or individuals will be allowed to stay only in hotels or guest houses arranged by their sponsor/ employer/ agency. 


The cost of boarding and lodging, transportation and COVID-19 tests shall be borne either by the individual or their sponsors.


Their movement should be restricted only to sites/ offices that are part of their work itinerary. The arrangement for the transportation back and forth the quarantine facility and their workplace shall be arranged by the sponsoring Department/ sponsors.


Institutional Quarantine:


Public Sector Undertakings, Defence/ Paramilitary establishments, construction companies and contractors undertaking large infrastructure development projects shall mandatorily arrange facilities for quarantining of their personnel. 


Such arrangements should also be made under intimation to the Deputy Commissioner concerned. 


The concerned company/ contractor/ employer shall bear all the expenditure for setting up the quarantine facility, including food and COVID-19 tests. 


If no suitable buildings or locations are available at their locations, they may apply for quarantine at Government facilities to the concerned deputy commissioner.


Any person undergoing quarantine shall immediately inform persons on duty or the medical helpline 102/0389-2323336/0389-2318338 if they develop COVID-19 symptoms.

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