Mizoram: COVID-19 Vaccines arrive at Mamit district


AIZAWL: Mizoram Director of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) informed that COVID-19 vaccines had arrived at Mamit District Hospital, the first immunisation site chosen by Medical officials.

"Total dose of 450 numbers have been received by Mamit District from the Government for its first doses which are specifically meant for District Health Care Workers," the DIPR stated in a press release.

The first recipient of the vaccine from among the health workers was Dr Vanlalfela, Chief Medical Officer, Mamit District.

Vanlalfela said that nothing untoward has occurred within his body system after getting the vaccine.

"A target of 124 beneficiaries from District Hospital Mamit, Main Centre, Mamit and Sub-Centres of nearby Mamit Town Health Care Workers are the targetted beneficiaries of today's vaccination roll-out," SMO and District Immunisation Officer Lalmuanawma Jongte said.

"In case of any Adverse Event Following Immunisation ( AEFI), the team were all equipped to deal with such AEFI."

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)