Mizoram CM promises food and shelter for Myanmar refugees



Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga on March 8 said that refugees from Myanmar should be given temporary shelter, as the Central Government decides on sending them back.

Several Myanmar police and their families have crossed into Mizoram, where they have sought refuge.

“As common sense dictates, when there is a political problem in one country and when there is a fear for one’s life, if they cross over to the neighbouring countries, then normally they were not sent back,” Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga said.

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The last call would be taken by the Central Government, which has been communicating with Mizoram authorities and still hasn’t given clear directions, creating some confusion on how the refugees would be handled, he said.

“From the humanitarian point of view, we have to give them food, we have to give them shelter,” said Zoramthanga.

According to the chief minister around 20 or 30 had walked into Mizoram in recent weeks, while a senior police official said nearly 100 people from Myanmar, mostly police and their families, had crossed over in five border districts.