Vaccination centres to be expanded in rural areas: Meghalaya Health Minister

The health department will be assisted by the local dorbar to manage the crowd efficiently.
By Daiaphira Kharsati  | SHILLONG: 

Meghalaya Health Minister A.L. Hek on Monday announced that numerous vaccination centres would be set up in rural areas shortly after the adequate supply of vaccines in the state. 
Speaking to reporters on Monday, he said, “We cannot make arrangements currently as the vaccine supply is also less, and once we get more vaccines, we can safely say that we can open more centres in the rural areas as well.”

Various concerns were also raised with regards to online registration of vaccination for the 18-44 years age group in rural areas that are mostly faced with network connectivity.

However, a health official further stated that the online registration for urban areas will continue despite the instruction given by the Center to the state health department for spot registration in vaccination for 18-44 years.

According to the official, spot registration will prove timeless and beneficial for rural areas suffering poor network connectivity though crowd management would be an issue at the spot registration.

In this connection, the health department will be assisted by the local dorbar (traditional body) to manage the crowd efficiently.

Meanwhile, the official informed that the state health department is yet to make the necessary decisions with regards to spot registration.

(Edited by Ridhika Joshi)