Talk with the Expert: Meghalaya's Make-Up artist, Aunadine Phanbuh


By Ladiangti & Laxmi | SHILLONG

Wearing the right make-up is not as easy as it looks. It involves an array of layers before you are good to go. To get a complete "diva" look, you need to add just the right amount of foundation, primer and blushes.

One of the most asked questions is - how do the blushes work?

People seem to have a lot of questions and concerns surrounding the existence of blush. With all this in mind, TNT-The Northeast Today had a conversation with Aunadine Phanbuh, an expert to highlight the importance of adding that final touch to give you a complete look.

TNT: How do we choose the blush for different skin tone?

Aunadine Phanbuh: Choosing blush depending on skin tones works according to the colour you’re going for and your skin tone, for fair to medium skin tone sticking to light versions of blush and building up the product would work best for them, example, a light pink, a light peach can all be subtle and highlighted if you build on product applying more layers, in this way you can control the intensity.

For wheatish to medium skin tone, you could go for more peachy, deep rosy colours and work on the same principle by building it up according to preference.

As for duskier skin tones, you would want to go for a dark peach or rose colour that will not wash you out and make you look grey but highlight your cheeks and give you colour, again starting with a light hand and whatever they wish from there.

TNT: Which type of brush should we use?

Aunadine Phanbuh: A blush brush, fortunately, is very easy to find and usually brands state the brushes used on the side of the brush according to the application.

Look for a dense compact domed shaped brush that can apply colour, the bristles should be super soft.

TNT: Which are the high points to apply?

Aunadine Phanbuh: The high points to apply blush are just under the corners of your eye, along the top of your cheekbone and dragging it up to your temples and the bridge of your nose.

TNT: What is the correct method to brush?

Aunadine Phanbuh: Applying blush is directly related to the look you are going for and the shape of your face, but as a good general rule of thumb for everyone, two methods will always work.

The first is if you want a rosier, younger, flushed look, then you would want to concentrate the blush on the middle of your face and the bridge of your nose, smiling while doing this will highlight the apple of your cheeks and make them prominent which can help you achieve this look.

The second way is to give your face a lift but applies blush only on the high points of your face, so you would apply it on the top of your cheeks bones making sure not to drag it towards the middle of your cheeks but up to your temples and slightly on the bridge of your nose.

TNT: Difference between gel blushers and powder blush

Aunadine Phanbuh: Gel blushers are used for a more natural, dewy, skin-like effect that is more easily manipulated by a sponge or with your fingers, if you were going for a soft no makeup-makeup everyday look, I would recommend going for a gel-cream blush.

Powder blush is for more pigment that lasts longer or for those with an oilier skin type for them to achieve a matte look.

Powder blush is good for the summer months as it won’t move around on your face and will absorb some excess sweat you may have.


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