Talk with the Expert: Learn more about method acting with Meghalaya actor Elizer Bareh


By Ladiangti Rani and Laxmi Chyrmang | SHILLONG

The goal of an actor is to be another individual completely and bring a character to life. The skills, mastery and prowess required to fulfil such objectives is not an easy target.

In this week's 'Talk with the Expert' (TWTE), TNT-The Northeast Today has got the privilege to speak to one such performing artist from Meghalaya, Elizer Bareh.

TNT: What is method acting/How do you build your character in every film involved?

Elizer Bareh:

--Method acting is a technique where the actor gets into the skin of a character emotionally, mentally and physically and behave like one.

--To build a character, the most important thing as an actor is that we have to do our homework, do a lot of research, and use our own near experiences base on a situation or circumstances that we have faced and apply all those emotions. That's how the character comes to life and how we can convince the audience. (Fourth wall).

TNT: How do you get out of character after portraying it in front of the camera?

Elizer Bareh: To get out of character is not easy until the entire movie shoot is done. As a method actor, I try to break it by taking a break from acting for a week or so and distract myself with various activities.

TNT: What are the tips and tricks you would like to give to an aspiring actor in this field?

Elizer Bareh: To be a great actor, one must watch a lot of artistic movies,

focus on one character you like the most. And as the famous quotes say, "Practise makes a man perfect", mirror practise for at least 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night is recommended. It is also very important to do a lot of research based on acting. I would suggest one follow Stanislavski's method of acting.

TNT: What is the prospect of being an actor in Meghalaya?

Elizer Bareh: In Meghalaya, we are slowly stepping up with films. Having people such as Wanphrang Diengdoh, Pradip Kurbah and Dominic Sangma, give a great opportunity to actors.

However, as an independent artist (actor), I live in a non-existing industry in Meghalaya, but I try from my end to give my best by putting my craft on platforms such as youtube etc., and yes, I will keep doing my thing and encourage more people to make films that are pure art.

TNT: What are the challenges faced by an artist?

Elizer Bareh: A lot, since we don't have a film industry, also because as an independent artist, you cannot make one film after the other, as we don't get much financial support or sponsors.

The talent we have here in Meghalaya is phenomenal. If the government or anybody else can sponsor us, then I think these obstacles will be less, and our State will grow undoubtedly.