Shillong artist Jessie Lyngdoh's "Kynmo" creates waves on social media



Shillong artist Jessie Lyngdoh's new single titled "Kynmo" (remember), is creating waves on social media and has garnered much appreciation from music lovers from across the state and beyond.

Released on October 24 and sung in Jaintia dialect, the song features Eddie Lyngdoh, Aisha Sangriang, rap artist Banrap Lyngdoh and a dancing crew from the Majestic Dance Academy.

Within six days, the song has already received 7,37,777 views, 42k likes, and 4,322 comments on YouTube.

The song has received a mixed response from the audience.

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While some have taken to social media and trolled the artist, others came out in support of the crew, appreciating the talent and hard work of the artists involved.

The production team include Ban Lyngdoh (Bandit, Music producer), Mebanker Lapang & Kamki Diengdoh (Producer), Kamki Diengdoh (Director), Daphishisha Kharbani (Choreography), Kamki Diengdoh (Director of Photography), Kamki Diengdoh (Editing and Colour Grading), Elizer Bareh, Baïaineh Nongkhlaw, Phiba Lyngdoh, Damaia Lyngdoh, Betshwa Pyngrope, Lam Tariang, Iwan Lyngwa, Silvester Phanbuh (Video Team), Camelia Corona & assisted by Saphi Lyngwa (Make-up & Hair), Wardrobe & Styling - Cordelia Diengdoh.

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