Sanitary Pad Vending machines installed at two schools in Meghalaya



The Rotary Club of Shillong on February 20 installed two sets of manually operated Sanitary Pad Vending machines at two schools in Meghalaya.

The schools include St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Pynthorbah, and Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School, Mawlai.

This project was sanctioned under the District Grant 2019–2020 of Rotary International.

The sanitary pad vending machine contains about 25 biodegradable sanitary pads, which can be dispensed by putting a five rupee coin.

Along with the sanitary vending machine, an Incinerator that can incinerate the used/soiled, sanitary pad by simply using any items supporting combustion like newspaper etc. with low production of ash was also installed.

“If this is successful, we will provide them to many other schools in the Urban, Sub-Urban and Rural areas,” Rotary Club said.