Road repair progresses swiftly on AMPT between Chibinang & Phulbari



Repair work along a section of the Agia Medhipara Phulbari Tura (AMPT) road between Chibinang and Phulbari has progressed swiftly, with over 5 km already blacktopped.

Repair on the road between Phulbari and Chibinang started late last year in 2020 and gained pace through the months as the COVID-19 situation stabilised.

The completion of the road is expected to reduce travel time between Chibinang to Tura by at least 40 minutes as the section, despite being only about 10 km, requires as much time to cross, even for expert-level drivers.

Locals have lauded the progress and are eager to benefit from the enhanced infrastructure.

“We are happy with the progress of the road, and the work being done is of excellent quality. I have been fighting to get sanction for repairing our section since the past two-and-a-half years and am happy with our CM, Conrad Sangma for helping,” Phulbari MLA S.G Esmatur Mominin said.

The MLA said he expected the current renovation of the road to be completed within two months.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)


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