Ri Bhoi residents accuse Meghalaya Rural Bank branch of "duping" them



Residents of the Raid Madan Kyrdem in Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya, numbering over hundreds of them, accused the Meghalaya Rural Bank-Bhoirymbong Branch of duping them.

Residents claimed that they had deposited money amounting to over Rs 10 lakh but, the same was missing from their bank accounts.

The matter came to light when the residents especially female folks complained about their plight to the representatives of the Dorbar Raid of Madan Kyrdem under Bhoirymbong C&RD Block, who then asked all the account holders under the Meghalaya Rural Bank-Bhoirymbong branch to lodged their complaint in the local Dorbar.

Talking to this scribe, the complainants said that a few months back, they had opened a saving account and deposited cash in the Meghalaya Rural Bank of Bhoirymbong Branch through the Customer Service Point (CSP), authorised by the said bank located at Nongthymmai Kyrdem.

But since then, a few of them did not receive their passbook while others, who had deposited the money, found that the amount was not mentioned when they updated their passbook.

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One of the complainants informed that she had deposited cash amounting to over Rs 4 lakh, but when she had gone to update her passbook, the deposited amount did not appear in her passbook.

She added that most of the people from her area did not even receive their passbook from the said bank even though, they had deposited a huge amount in their saving accounts.

Speaking to TNT-The Northeast Today, the Executive Secretary of Raid Madan Kyrdem, Amberlight Masharing said that the Dorbar Raid (Dorbar commune) has received several complaints from the residents, prompting the Dorbar to assemble all of them and to lodge a complaint against the CSP authorised staff and the bank concerned.

A meeting was held recently between the leaders of the Raid (commune) and the residents, who are the customers of the Meghalaya Rural Bank-Bhoirymbong branch, to discuss the course of action.

During the meeting, the residents informed that they had opened their saving accounts at one authorised Customer Service Point at Nongthymmai Kyrdem where one Business Correspondence, identified as Kiewrity Kharmyndai, was mandated to run and provide the service to the public through the CSP.

“Over hundreds of residents from different villages under Raid Madan Kyrdem have registered their complaint against the CSP, stating that they did not receive their passbook and were kept in the dark about the deposited money amounting to over lakh of rupees," Masharing said.

The Dorbar Raid of Madan Kyrdem has decided to lodge an FIR against the Customer Service Point and the Business Correspondence.

The Dorbar Raid has also demanded that the Branch Manager of Meghalaya Rural Bank resolves the matter at the earliest.

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