Meghalaya: Minister Sanbor Shullai brushes aside infighting within BJP

Shullai has already expressed optimism for 2023.

Newly appointed Cabinet Minister from BJP Sanbor Shullai brushed aside any infighting within the party, dubbing the saffron party as a responsible party, though he did not deny that misunderstanding exists in a ‘big family’.

Asked about his comments that his BJP colleague, Alexander Laloo Hek, was not informed about reshuffling of Cabinet seats, Shullai said, “I am not aware of that. I think he is being informed.”

Asked whether he would support Hek as the president of the BJP, Shullai said, “Let us see. I cannot give any comments now.”

He informed that there were verbal discussions from the beginning to allow Hek for two and half years in the ministry and for Shullai to take over in the remaining years.

Hek said, “Once I get the direction from the party that I have to take over, I have to abide by it even if it is one and a half years.”


Optimistic of BJP majority in 2023

Shullai has already expressed optimism for 2023, where he said at least 33-34 MLAs to form the government as seen in other North-Eastern states.

He said that development will be assured if there is a full-fledged BJP government.

He likened the BJP-ruled states to lands flowing with milk and honey as there are many schemes, benefits to the public.

Appealing to the public to vote for the BJP, he said, “Milk and honey will flow in the state and Meghalaya will be changed.”

He said with a full-fledged BJP government, “ILP will be implemented in 5 minutes.”

Commenting on the Cow Protection Bill in Assam, Shullai said cattle transportation to the state should not be hindered. In place of chicken and mutton, people should consume beef.

When asked why he is encouraging people to consume beef, he said, “It will subside the wrong information in the mind of the people that the BJP will impose the cow slaughter.”

Border issue

Shullai said the state has to use the police force to protect the people while also pointing out meetings between the two states are also indispensable.

Lauding the people of Mizoram, he quoted Mizoram Rajya Sabha MP K. Vanlalvena who made a controversial statement of retaliation and violence.

Shullai said, “This spirit should be with us. We have to change. If the people of Assam keep on harassing our people in border areas, we have to act.”

He went on “If the enemy comes to your house and attacks, you have to attack.. self-defense. The same thing should be done in our borders as well. It is legal or not, if an enemy comes to your house to steal, you have to protect yourself.”

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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