Meghalaya: Vancouver Shullai releases music video for latest hit ‘Jubab’

 In a brief interview with TNT-The Northeast Today, Vancouver Shullai said that “Jubab mourns the loss of the self.”

By Ladiangti Rani | SHILLONG:

Mawnguid Briew singer Vancouver Shullai released the music video for his song ‘Jubab’ on April 10.

The song centres on his journey as an artiste and the vulnerable side of being young, misunderstood and anxious.

In a brief interview with TNT-The Northeast Today, Shullai said that “Jubab mourns the loss of the self.”

TNT: What is the story behind your song?

Shullai: There is no particular story behind Jubab, per se. It is rather a reflection of emotions and feelings that have pervaded my thoughts for most of my young years.

It encapsulates what we have all felt at some point in our lives. We’re all trying to find a balance between pleasing ourselves and the ones around us, but often, we lose ourselves doing that. But I believe it also carries a lot of optimism. The courage it took me to put out this song and to take back the power shows that optimism.

TNT: Who inspired you to make this music video?

Shullai: The inspiration came from the song itself. The lyrics, melody, and vocals are extremely vulnerable, and I wanted to have a video that is equally honest and sincere. I’m so thankful to State Of Mind Production for delivering just that.

TNT: How was your collaboration with the “State of Mind” production?

Shullai: They are the best team to be around. They push me to the limit, and I love the outcome of the pressure.

They’re professionals at their job, and they know their craft inside out. Kamki and Elizer are very creative, which truly vibed with my creative visions. I never imagined that I would ever be in the shower while an entire crew was filming me, but here we are!

The collaboration was a delight.

TNT: Explain the transformation in the video. What message did you want to convey from there?

Shullai: There are many levels of transformation in the video. Each shot transforms into something more honest and sincere.

The message these levels of transformation are trying to convey is that there is growth in vulnerability. As opposed to the idea that showing your true self to the world and shedding tears as everyone watches is a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.

Wow. I’m sounding like a Pinterest quote. But it’s true. Growth is subjective. Grow your way.

TNT: What is next in line for you?

Shullai: More music and more poetry. But most certainly more music.
I do not intend to stop here or take another break. The next song may not arrive right away because I like to take my time, but eventually, it will come.

I look forward to making more honest music and writing better poetry. Thank you so much for the love and support.

(Edited by Andre Kongri)