Meghalaya: Two arrested after mob destroys police outpost in failed lynching attempt



North Garo Hills (NGH) police today arrested two people who were allegedly involved in an attack on the police Operations Group Centre (OGC) at Tapadarenchi that led to the destruction of government property.

The incident took place last evening at about 9:30 pm when villagers from areas around the OGC surrounded the place demanding the handing over of a suspected dacoit / kidnapper to serve the person mob justice.

According to reports, the state police were alerted over the fact that one person had been held by residents of Tapa Bazaar and was being assaulted by them after he was suspected of being involved in kidnapping and dacoity cases. A team, led by the in-charge of the OGC, immediately moved to the spot and rescued the victim from the villagers.

Having suffered extensive injuries, the assaulted person was then taken to Resubelpara CHC where he was being treated for his injuries.

Meanwhile, rumours of the person’s involvement in many cases floated around the area leading to hundreds of villagers getting together in front of the OGC.

The crowd demanded that the suspected person be shown and handed over to them and the demand was refused. The agitated mob started breaking the fence and destroyed the properties of Tapadarengchi OGC compound. To prevent further damage to government properties and to disperse the unruly mob, the police team had to resort to blank fire, forcing the mob to disperse.

Immediately after the incident, additional forces were rushed to the spot along with SF-10 commandos. While the situation is currently under control, it is being closely monitored.

“Two cases have been registered and we are taking this destruction of government property. Two people have also been arrested in the cases. The case of assault and destruction of property are being simultaneously investigated,” said Superintendent of police, NGH, Abraham T Sangma.

Meanwhile, NGH police have appealed to all to keep calm and not fall to rumours so that such incidents can be avoided.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)