Meghalaya: State govt to create Pre-Fab building of Corona Care facilities in Shillong and Tura

TUR said that the state needs long-term planning and not indulge in piecemeal planning and useless expenditure.

The state government has decided to create Pre-Fab building of Corona Care Facilities in Shillong and Tura sanctioned by the Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER) at an amount of Rs 6.7 crore.

Addressing the press on Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said that the two pre-fab facilities will have 100 beds each.

“Regarding Pre-Fab construction, the government has decided to create corona health facilities in the state by the setting up of two corona health facilities - one in Shillong and the other in Tura. It is 100 bedded each. The government of India had sanctioned Rs 6.7 crores of funds through the DoNER ministry,” he said.


The Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) has complained about the government’s plans of creating a pre-fab structure terming it as an “unnecessary spending spree of wasting Rs 6.7 crores towards construction of 2 prefab centers at Shillong and Tura, that are to have 100 beds each, at the cost of 2.5 crore each.”

The organization said that the government should utilise this money in creating and upgrading of ICU facilities in Districts where even ventilators and fully equipped ambulances are not available at District Civil hospitals.

“It is shocking that persons who need intensive care have to rush to Shillong and Tura and that even ambulances for transporting them are not available. Market price of ventilators is 14 lakhs each and 2 crores can fetch at least another 14 ventilators which are desperately required given that the ventilators provided by the PM cares funds were all unfit for use. In fact, the state govt should have made this known to the public and raise a stern objection with the Modi led BJP central government,” the TUR said.

Further, TUR questioned about the ambulances which were bought last July, 25 and said that the government had announced 75 crores towards upgrading of PHCs. 

The organization asked, “What was gained and achieved with these needs to be immediately informed to the public.”

TUR said that the state needs long-term planning and not indulge in piecemeal planning and useless expenditure.

“It is imperative that the crumbling healthcare infrastructure of the state is revamped and hence resources judiciously used towards this and also towards skill building and ensuring trained human resource availability. Government has also asked local bodies to help with community covid care centers and resources should be made available towards this effort,” TUR said.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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