Meghalaya: Skilled swimmers including 13-yr-old boy retrieve body of youth who drowned in Massar river

Recently, they were called to search and retrieve the body of a 19-yr-old boy who had earlier drown at Massar river.


13-year-old boy Snar Mawpat, along with three other swimmers from Mawsohmad village in East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, gained recognition for being the best swimmers in the area for their several rescues missions. 

Recently, they were called to search and retrieve the body of a 19-yr-old boy who had earlier drown at Massar river.

It was four days ago when one person, identified as Wibalious Malngiang of Massar village, drowned at the Massar river, village secretary Khambit Khongshei told The Northeast Today on Thursday.

“There were three of them but one of them, a 19 years old boy, Wibalious Malngiang drowned and his body was carried away by the strong water currents and it was trapped in a narrow passage in the river," Khongshei informed. 

The best-known swimmers from Mawsohmad village were called to retrieve the body. They were able to do so and found Malngiang's body.

The skilled swimmers include Tangngait Khongshei, Tarson Khongshei, Kmun Mawpat and Snar Mawpat, who is the son of Tarson.

The village secretary informed that Snar along with other skilled swimmers swam in the deep waters and retrieved Malngiang’s body from a cave.

Khambit said, “They are self-trained. Even Snar got his training from his father. They are well trained and know how to swim to retrieve bodies even in the most difficult circumstances. Here in the village, they have been very helpful.”

He further said that Tangngait Khongshei and Tarson Khongshei have saved people from drowning several times and were called on several missions to retrieve bodies alongside the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF).

Khambit said, “In Wahrew at Wahkhen, at least four times, they have retrieved bodies, they have also braved the deep waters at River Kyllang, Laitlyngkot, Umngot river, Umiam river, some rivers in Nonglwai, Mawkyrwat, Nongspung, Smit, but they do so only to aid the SDRF, voluntarily.”

However, Khambit said that the local swimmers do not have any equipment to help them.

(Edited by Ibankyntiew Mawrie)

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