Meghalaya: Shylla questions Deputy CM’s assurance on VAB


SHILLONG | Feb 19, 2019:

Khasi Hill Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Chief Executive Member, Hispreaching Son Shylla on Tuesday questioned the assurance made by Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong that the NPP would implement the Village Administration Bill if it forms the Executive Committee in the Council after the February 27 polls.

"Where are they going to implement the VAB since majority of the Himas have got their own codified laws," Shylla further questioned Tynsong.

Talking to reporters here today, Shylla said that there are only few small Himas which are yet to have their own codified laws.

According to the KHADC CEM, if VAB is implemented then there will be clash between the Village Development Council and the Dorbar Shnong.

According to him, even the MDCs understand that the VAB is not applicable in the KHADC. He said that that the statement of the Deputy Chief Minister clearly reflects that he does not understand the affairs of the Council.

"The attempt to make VAB an election propaganda shows that the State political leaders does not have the responsibility towards the issues afflicting the people," he said.

Shylla also said that the statement of the UDP working president, Bindo Mathew Lanong that they will stop appointing Acting Syiem if they form the EC after the elections, is "misleading."

"We have to agree to the fact that the Syiem of the Himas falling under the Council have got some weaknesses. Some of them are not able to carry their duties of the Syiem as expected by the people of the Hima. In such extreme situation, there is an Act which allows the Council to take over helms of affairs pending the inquiry on the lapses committed by the Syiem," he said.

He recalled that when Lanong was the CEM of the Council, the people used to face extreme difficulties since he would always arrived in the office late.

"He (Lanong) would always use the word "short and sweet" if people come with any grievances on the function of the Syiem. In fact, he (Lanong) would use the same word even to the lawyers who come to brief on the case of the Council. How can lawyers explain the case in a very short time," he said.