Meghalaya: Seng Khasi demands space for cremation ground



The Seng Khasi Seng Kmie and Sein Raij on February 26 impressed upon the State Government to address the resistance by the traditional bodies to allot space for the cremation ground or issuing of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for construction of an environment friendly crematorium.

The Seng Khasi Seng Kmie and Sein Raij had shared their grievances during the open meeting convened by the Community and Rural Development department, which was held at the Yojana Bhavan here today.

Speaking to media persons, Sein Raij Jowai president O.R. Challam stated they are facing the problem to get an NOC for construction of the environment friendly crematorium because of the reluctance of the traditional heads to issue the same.

“We had even petitioned to the Deputy Commissioner of West Jaintia Hills to intervene on this matter. But till now, we are yet to get an NOC for construction of the crematorium at Mynsoo village,” he said.

Sein Raij Jowai president further informed that they had agreed to provide their concept for construction of the environment friendly crematorium to the State Government, adding that the Sein Raij Jowai in 2011 had even signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the State Government.

“As per the current Schedule of Rates, the cost of this environment friendly crematorium would be around ₹ 33 lakh,” Sein Raij Jowai president added.

Principal Secretary of Community and Rural Development, Sampath Kumar has stated that he will submit a report to the State Government after compiling the views and suggestions which were made during the open meeting as directed by the High Court.

It may be mentioned that the Meghalaya High Court recently directed the Community and Rural Development, represented by the Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, to convene an open meeting on February 26, in order to resolve the lack of cremation ground for the people belonging to Seng Khasi/Niam Tynrai/Niam Tre faith living all over the State of Meghalaya.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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