Meghalaya Rural Bank fraud case: FIR filed against staff



The Meghalaya Rural Bank (MRB) - Bhoirymbong Branch has lodged an FIR against its business correspondent, Kiewrity Kharmudai, following recent allegations of fraud and misappropriation of customers' money.

Hundreds of residents of Raid Madan Kyrdem in Ri Bhoi district had recently accused the Bhoirymbong Branch of MRB of "duping" them.

Sources said that Kiewrity Kharmudai, an authorised business correspondent of a Customer Service Point (CSP) of the MRB in Nongthymmai under Raid Madan Kyrdem, allegedly duped customers, most of them women, of over Rs 10 lakh and even refused to return the passbooks.

On receiving the complaints, representatives of the Raid Madan Kyrdem convened a meeting with the victims last week, where they decided to file an FIR against the CSP staff and seek reimbursement.

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On March 1, the Branch Manager of Meghalaya Rural Bank-Bhoirymbong Branch, Kumar Thapa, informed that the bank has filed an FIR against the staff of the CSP.

Thapa said that on receiving several complaints against the missing money which the customers had deposited, the bank investigated the staff at the CSP, after which Kiewrity Kharmudai reportedly admitted her faults.

However, members of the Raid Madan Kyrdem, led by Executive Secretary Amberlight Masharing, met the Branch Manager and demanded his immediate intervention on the matter.

They also gave the bank a deadline of one week to reimburse the money and return the passbooks to the customers.

(Edited by Andre Kongri & Ibankyntiew Mawrie)

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