Meghalaya: NGOs write to DC over ‘medical negligence’, Hospital counterclaims



A conglomeration of NGOs from the Williamnagar town, including the Federation of Khasi-Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP), Garo Students’ Union (GSU), Mothers Federation, Federation of A’chik Freedom (FAF), Achik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) and Mothers Union, has written a complaint against two nurses and a doctor who was in the labour room of the Williamnagar Civil Hospital citing medical negligence.

The complaint relates to one Pipi Sangma, resident of Upper Balsrigittim, Williamnagar, who was admitted to the hospital for institutional delivery.

The NGOs submitted a letter to the effect on February 16, to the Deputy Commissioner of East Garo Hills mentioning that the patient and her aunt, Belnitha Sangma, had alleged that the baby on delivery had been dropped or fell into the dustbin.


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“One particular nurse had argued with the patient’s sister and threatened that if they complained to the authorities, they would receive partial treatment and service. She even went the next morning, February 14 and argued with the mother till she broke into tears and even wanted to end her life,” said the NGOs.

Vehemently denying the allegations made by the NGOs and the family, the DMHO of East Garo Hills asserted that there was no case of negligence taking place.

“I am well aware of what happened. The woman was only into the sixth month of her pregnancy and had no tests done till she was admitted. When she complained of pains, we took her to the labour room where two nurses and a doctor were overseeing the entire operation,” said the DMHO.


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According to reports, the labour was precipitated and her placenta suddenly burst with the amniotic fluid splashing all over the nurses. In their surprise, the nurses let out a scream which was taken as an angry scolding.

“The baby was delivered in the placenta and fell into the medical bin that was kept right by the side of the bed. Our focus was on the mother and on ensuring her placenta was detached and sealed or the mother’s life would have been in danger. It was only later that we saw the child that fell into the medical bin,” added the DMHO.

According to the hospital, the child was only 900 grams at birth and had to be shifted to the Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) before being transferred to an incubator.


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While the condition of the child is still critical, the doctors, as per the DMHO, were doing their bit in trying to save the baby.

“There was no question of any abuse, and the doctor was present there to assist in the delivery. When they wanted to take the child from the hospital the next day, we refused because of the condition and sought a letter from the family before we released the child, but they were unwilling to do so,” added the DMHO.

Deputy Commissioner Swapnil Tembe had stated that the matter would be investigated.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)

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