Meghalaya: Mawkasiang Dorbar wary of entry of labourers from outside the state

Mawkasiang houses several important government projects like the construction of the new Assembly Building.

By Daiaphira Kharsati


With six to seven important construction projects undergoing in areas under Mawkasiang in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, the local Dorbar has urged the government to be vigilant and stringent concerning the entry of outstation labourers who work at the construction sites.

Mawkasiang houses several important government projects like the construction of the new Assembly Building.

Referring to the incident when civil groups detected outsiders at NEIGRIHMS, the secretary of Mawkasiang, W. Chyne expressed surprise questioned the logic behind stopping local labourers to work and allowing others to enter the state. 

“We find it surprising that the labourers were able to enter the state. The entry of outsiders poses a threat. Our local labourers are not allowed whereas, contractors can bring in their labourers from outside,” he said.

The Dorbar Shnong of Mawkasiang welcomed the decision of the government for a lockdown, considering the rise in cases.

However, on the downside, he said that most of the residents are daily wage earners and farmers; they are the ones who bear the brunt of the lockdown.

"Although the government has no other way out, the poor are facing problems," he lamented.

Mawkasiang has about 2000 households.  About 15-20 per cent of the residents work in NEIGRIHMS and the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM).

Chyne said that the residents are getting employment opportunities following agreements made with the projects.

The local head said that the MLA, the MDC and the Church distribute essential commodities to most of the underprivileged households in the village. “But this year, we are more vigilant and, the Dorbar Shnong is working on extending additional support," Chyne said. 

“The various projects bring in development and job opportunities. These projects should be for the benefit of the residents. We need development in the community in basic infrastructure such as roads, water, we also need a survey to be conducted,” he said.

As for education, he said that most of the residents have passed their Class X and, about 20-22 per cent are graduates.

“We need more educational institutions to ensure that students can study here instead of going out," he said.

(Edited by Iban Mawrie)

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