Meghalaya: Locals complain about rash driving along Nongpoh town area


NONGPOH: The local people of Nongpoh area along with students have complained about the careless and rash driving of vehicles who ply through the National Highway-6, especially crossing the Nongpoh town areas which keep pedestrians in high risk.

It is worth mentioning that accidents have occurred along the highway, especially in those junctions where hospitals and schools are located.

One may recall a recent accident of a school student who died on the spot at Alpha English Higher Secondary School while crossing the highway to reach the school.

According to sources, local people and students, while sharing their views on the situation of high-speed driving, stated that a strict law must be put in place along the stretch, especially in those public places.

They also stressed that, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) must work jointly with the Traffic police and the district administration to create an awareness along the Nongpoh town area, and put up signpost showing speed limits and if anyone violating a hefty penalty should be put in place.