Meghalaya lacks technical manpower, says Hek

Hek said that there are over 400 CHCs and PHCs and sub-centers in the state.

Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek said that the state lacks technical manpower.

Hek admitted that many CHCs, PHCs, and sub-centers still lack basic infrastructure even though the doctors are making efforts to serve the people.

He said that there are over 400 CHCs and PHCs and sub-centers in the state.

“There are many CHCs and PHCs that are not well-equipped but our doctors are dedicated to serve the people. As a Health Minister, the department is making efforts to meet the requirements of the PHCs and CHCs,” Hek said.

“I have inspected Sohra CHC and there were talks in setting up ICU and ventilator. They said what is the need of setting up ICU or ventilator room, as there is no manpower or technician. There are many other complexities,” added Hek.

He added it is difficult to open an RTPCR center in Jaintia as there are no microbiologists and pathologists.

As for MBBS bonded doctors, Hek said that the government has called them and it has also appointed about 100-150 of them.

“Non-bonded doctors are also appointed because of a shortage of doctors,” he said.

As for complaints from field staff of GVK EMRI 108 that there is no arrangement of accommodation after duty.

Hek said they have spoken to the in-charge of 108 and has directed the DHS to provide them accommodation as they also fall in the category of health workers.

“The government will plan if their office in GVK EMRI is not convenient instead of them going home as the workers may have old parents, young children back home, hence they need separate accommodation,” he said.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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