Meghalaya: Hailstorm damages crops, houses in Ri Bhoi district



Heavy downpour destroyed houses at Umden area in Ri Bhoi district, the worst affected villages include Umden Diwon and Umden Nongtluh where over hundreds of houses were reported to be damaged.

According to sources, heavy rain accompanied by hailstones lashed Umden and its adjacent areas on the evening of March 9.

Kyrshan Tmung, Headman, Umden Diwon, informed that the total number of houses damaged is expected to rise as the village authority is still to collect reports on the incident.

However, Thomas L Syiem, local Rangbah Shnong of Umden Nongtluh, informed that, in his village around 30 to 40 houses were destroyed and many crops were devastated because of the hailstones.

Local authorities said that they will assess the damage and will forward to the Office of the Community and Rural Development Department for further perusal.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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