Meghalaya govt in 'cycle of complexities' over vacant posts in Sericulture deptt



Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, on Thursday, told the Assembly that the process of appointment and recruitment should be done in accordance with the law.

Sangma was replying to a short duration discussion on the topic - "Passed out trainees in limbo since years" moved by Mawsynram MLA HM Shangpliang.

Shangpliang said that there are about 40 trainees who had cleared a certificate course in handloom technology from the Handloom Training Institute in Mendipathar but are yet to be recruited despite posts lying vacant in the Sericulture Department.


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Reacting to this, the Chief Minister said that the reason for the non-filling of vacancies is due to the non-regularisation of the 191 technical staff in the Sericulture Department.

"We are aware of the issue. It is a genuine problem; individuals have been suffering; we have been trying to find ways and means to find a solution to this problem," Sangma said.

Sangma said that due to vacancy arising every year, huge pressure is mounting on the department in terms of technical manpower.

"The department is not in a position to promote the technical personnel to a higher post (as they are Adhoc appointees), resulting in the number of vacancies in higher posts," the CM said.


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He said that direct recruitment at this stage is likely to affect the unregularised appointees in terms of seniority and, there will be a vacuum of officers filling up the higher posts if regularisation is not accorded by the government.

The government is caught in a cycle of complexities whereby it has to solve two issues -- regularisation of Adhoc appointments in the Sericulture Department and, absorbing the 30 passed-out trainees since 2006-14 for the current vacant posts of Weaving Demonstrator.

Sangma informed that the department has intimated the concerned District Selection Committees (DSCs) and, the recommendation of eligible DSC candidates have been sent.

"Proposed legal advice has been sought from the Law Department by the government concerning the passed out stipendiaries on whether they can be engaged on Adhoc basis vis-à-vis the regularisation of those already engaged for six years and above," Sangma said.

Shangpliang suggested putting on hold the advertisement given by DSC for vacant posts of Weaving Demonstrators in the Sericulture Department for some time, till legal opinion is obtained on how to accommodate the passed out trainees. Reacting to this, the CM said, "Yes, they are qualified to come in but the process of selection has to be there. They can't be randomly recruited. A process of recruitment has to be followed, and the DSC will follow the procedures."


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Present status of passed out Weaving Demonstrators who are yet to be absorbed/engaged

In 2006-08, there were 5 trainees; in 2010-12, there were 20; 15 in 2012-14; and the total number of passed out trainees is 40.

Vacancies for Weaving Demonstrators as on date

Zonal Officer Weaving, Shillong - 1 post

Principal Handloom Training Institute, Mendipathar - 1 post

District Handloom Officer, Nongstoin - 1 post

District Handloom Officer, Nongpoh - 1

District Handloom Officer, Williamnagar - 5

District Handloom Officer, Delma - 8

District Handloom Officer, Tura - 9

District Handloom Officer, Baghmara - 4

Total - 30