Meghalaya: Fish Sanctuary at Nongkhnum river island opened in WKH



The Fish Sanctuary at Nongkhnum river island was inaugurated by the Meghalaya Fisheries Minister Dasakhaitbha Lamare on February 10 at Nongkhnum, West Khasi Hills District in Meghalaya.

The fish sanctuary was jointly sponsored by the Blue Revolution of Rs 4 lakh and the Fish Farmer Development Agency bearing the expenditure of 2,57,400 lakh.

“The aim of the sanctuary is to preserve, prevent and produce local fish species which are available in the state of Meghalaya and also to increase the production to meet the requirement,” said Lamare.

159 various fish species are present in different parts of the state which needs to be preserved for the future generation, he added.

The existence of sanctuary attracts tourists from within the country and even foreigners to visit the place which will promote tourism of the area and also improve the economic condition of the people.

He, therefore, called upon the local villagers, leaders and NGOs to be responsible for protecting the sanctuary, especially the fishes.

Nongstoin legislature Macmillan Byrsat reminded the local heads about the various Rules and Acts of the District Council which entrusted the local authority to preserve the Flora and Fauna of the state.

He urged the local people to take care of the facilities offered by the government for the wellbeing of people in particular and the state.

(Edited by Laxmi Chyrmang)