Meghalaya Deputy CM slams TUR for misleading public

Tynsong said that the government last year has decided to extend financial help to poor people who have lost their livelihood.

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has slammed Thma Rangli Juki (TUR) for misleading the public regarding the government’s financial help to the poor, and daily labourers during the lockdown.

Addressing the press on Monday, he responded to the allegations of TUR and criticised that the allegations are unfounded and unacceptable. The allegations of corruption did not go too well with him.

Tynsong said that the government last year has decided to extend financial help to poor people who have lost their livelihood during the lockdown such as petty traders, daily wage labourers/earners.

He said that the government has created a dedicated line where the people can apply online or even call over telephone or submit the application through the local headman and also through the zonal office of Labour department or district office of the Labour department.

The total application received last year was 2,33,194. 

The NIC was then entrusted to check each applicant whether there is any duplicity in their claims.

Tynsong said that those who are working as muster rolls/casual labourers in different departments, those who are covered under the PM Kisan, persons under the Meghalaya Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (MBOCWWB), job card holders under MGNREGA, AAY and PHH card holders are excluded from getting the financial assistance from the government.

Following the screening by the NIC, out of the 2,33,194 applicants about 1,81,491 applicants were found to be qualified/eligible for the special help provided by the government.

“Till today, out of 1,81,491 applicants, we have transferred (the amount to) 1,45,161 beneficiaries and there is a balance of 36,330 beneficiaries being transferred till today. It takes time because the amount was already transferred to the banker (State Bank of India) and HDFC. These two banks helped us to transfer to the concerned beneficiaries throughout the state,” Tynsong said.

He added that so far the government has spent Rs 30,31,46,200 while the remaining balance to be given to 36,330 beneficiaries is Rs 7.5 crore.

Tynsong continued, “Therefore, the misleading statement made by Kong Angela Rangad is totally unfounded and not at all acceptable. People may get carried away. I need to clarify here that people should know exactly what we are doing, what the government has done because the blame has been laid against the government by saying that corruption has taken place”.

A peeved Tynsong said that Rangad’s statement was “irresponsible statement made by such a stature as Kong Angela Rangad which I never expected”.

“We are here as the government to serve the people and we are guided by the Constitution of India. So I don’t like people commenting irresponsibly. In fact, we welcome criticism from anyone, but the criticism should be constructive. We are here to accept submissions, suggestions made by any concerned senior citizens or any concerned citizens of the state of Meghalaya and the government is open 24*7 for such valuable suggestions,” he said.


Responding to TUR’s allegations on misuse of funds in the MBOCWWB, Tynsong said that the Labour department provided Rs 5000 to each registered worker.

He said upto March 2020, the number of active registered workers is 25,794 under the Board and the fund released to them is Rs 12,89,700.

Tynsong said that the labourers are to renew their registration annually by paying an amount of Rs 60. 

Registered labourers are entitled to benefits from the government.


On the demand for him to resign, he said, “You talked about resignation? If you have a heart, I request to stand the election in 2023 so that you can win and serve the public well. I won from Pynursla constituency because of the people’s trust in me. You cannot tell me to resign”.

Arguing out that public representatives, social organizations, individuals are helping the poor during the pandemic, he asked TUR, “But you (TUR) are criticising. What does this mean? Why don’t you work? Help the poor instead”.

Clearly irritated at the allegations of TUR, he said, “Even for Re 1, we have to go through the audit and it is approved by the Chief Controller of Accounts. So, we cannot work haphazardly, please do not make irresponsible statements. There are official rules and if they don’t know, they should undergo training at MATI and then criticise”.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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