Meghalaya | Decision to withdraw support from MDA lies with national leaders: BJP minister



Meghalaya BJP MLA and Health and Family Welfare Minister, Alexander Laloo Hek said that the decision of withdrawing support from the NPP-led MDA Government would have to be decided by the party leadership.

“The national leaders (had) decided to be part of this ruling coalition government in Meghalaya. So it will be the national leaders who will take a call if (we) are to withdraw support from the MDA government,” Hek told reporters here on Tuesday.

He recalled that the decision to join the MDA was taken at a meeting which was held at Assam House, Shillong in the presence of several national leaders.

Meanwhile, Hek informed that several leaders of the State BJP had requested him to convene a meeting to resolve the misunderstanding within the party.

“I have told them that the meeting which I will convene would be to unite the party. I would not like to see a division within the party,” the BJP leader asserted.

According to him, they had arrived at an agreement that any issue or grievances should be brought to the coordination committee of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA).

“We are repeating this time and again. We had made it very clear that we cannot bring issues to the public domain without first bringing it to the notice of the MDA coordination committee,” the BJP MLA from Pynthorumkhrah said.

The Health and Family Welfare Minister also recalled that BJP national vice president and Meghalaya in-charge, Dr. M Chuba Ao had asked the State party leadership not to make allegations without substantial evidence.

(Edited by Ibankyntiew Mawrie)

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