Meghalaya: BJP will restore glory of GHADC, claims Bernard



Meghalaya BJP Vice President Bernard Marak on Wednesday claimed that the saffron party would restore the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) to its glory and "put a stop to the exploitation of its resources by the state government, as has been happening in the past."

Bernard, through a release, claimed that the Council has given away at least 80 per cent of the revenue of the Council, with most departments being taken over by the State Government, without constitutional sanction.

“We want to reform the anomalies in the Council. We are the only hope to revive (the) GHADC to its old glory against all odds and crisis, as the Congress and NPP cannot reform GHADC. These two parties have ruined the Council to such a deplorable position where it needs to beg from the State,” Bernard alleged.

Hitting out at the Congress and National People's Party (NPP), the BJP VP alleged that the leaders were not taking responsibility for the sorry state of GHADC. "The State leaders are working with the engineers of the Civil Works in Shillong to take out the money sanctioned to GHADC," he alleged.

“They need the money for election expenses, not for development or to solve the ongoing crisis in the GHADC, where employees have ceased work. They exploited the people of Garo Hills with false promises and left the GHADC weaker every time they formed the EC (Executive Committee),” Bernard claimed.

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)


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