Meghalaya: AHAM members create private spaces for women in Tura


TURA | SEPT 07, 2020:

Members of the Achik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM), on Monday, took the initiative of covering up all open spaces used by residents of Tura to collect water and take baths.

Many residents, mostly women, visit the open water taps where they not only ferry drinking water but would also take bath.

Led by Humrash Marak, the team used tin sheets and covered up open areas in two places at Lower Babupara and Dobasipara.

"These places are used by women and can be seen from the road. There is no privacy for these women who visit. Once we built the simple barricades, the people of the areas, especially women, expressed their gratitude," said Marak.

"The women in Tura town in many areas face their shame every day to meet basic family needs related to water," said AHAM members.

AHAM members felt the move should have been undertaken earlier by the administration itself.

"Addressing women's issues at the local level is still at the theoretical stage. There should be action," they added.


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