Meghalaya: AAY, PHH and Non-NFSA rice released



The Deputy Commissioner (Supply), West Garo Hills, Tura has informed that the regular quota of Rice under AAY, PHH and Non-NFSA beneficiaries for the month of March 2021 regarding Tura Sadar Division has been released.

Therefore, all the Fair Price Shop Dealers under Tura Sadar Division are directed to issue rice as per the Government prescribed scale of 35 Kg of rice per Card per month at the rate of Rs. 3.00 per Kg for AAY (yellow colour) beneficiaries, 5 Kg per Head per month at the rate of Rs. 3.00 per Kg for PHH (pink colour) beneficiaries and 7.10 Kg per Card per Month for which price has to be fixed by the Price Vigilance Committee of Fair Price Shop Centre, not exceeding Rs. 13/- per Kg for Non-NFSA (blue colour) beneficiaries.

All beneficiaries may purchase their quota from their respective Fair shop Dealers and the distributors are directed to issue as per prescribed scale and rate mentioned above.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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