KSU pays tribute to Wickliffe Syiem on 32nd death anniversary



The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), on Wednesday, observed the 32nd death anniversary of (L) Wickliffe Syiem - the Syiem Khynnah or Deputy King of Hima Nongstoin.

Members of the KSU gathered around Syiem’s monument at Porsohsat village as the union leaders paid floral tribute to his memory.

While addressing the gathering, KSU President Lambokstar Marngar said that freedom fighters never die as they live on through the contributions they made in life.

"The laws and acts that the Centre is imposing on the Hynniewtrep are not in keeping with the traditions and customs of the people," Marngar said.

Marngar also spoke out against the Bangladeshi nationals in Meghalaya, who are claiming to be Indian citizens.

“Bangladeshi Bengalis alleging that the Khasi Community tries to harm the Bengalis in Ichamati, but the truth is it was the Bangladeshi Bengalis who start violence in Ichamati,” Marngar said.

“The KSU wants to send a clear message that this land belongs to the people of the Hynniewtrep. If they have a problem staying in our land they should leave,” he said.

“All union members (should) follow in the footsteps and (the) ideologies of Wickliffe,” he added.


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