Gang of thieves arrested in North Garo Hills



A vigilant police patrol party from the Bajengdoba police station in North Garo Hills arrested three criminals yesterday who had been involved in a spate of robberies.

The criminals have been identified as Rajip Marak (25), Paul Marak (25) and Mansil A Sangma (18).

They were found yesterday along the highway, wearing full-face masks, carrying Kukri and other sharp-edged weapons.

They were immediately apprehended as soon as they were found by the police, moving suspiciously.


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Earlier on December 22, 2020, the group of criminals were involved in robbing an elderly couple while they were at home, reportedly of an amount of Rs 50,000, just before Christmas.

There were also further reports of such attempted robberies around the Bajengdoba area from various places, with the group being under the scanner for their suspected role.

“They were arrested by the police and forwarded to Court today, January 30. An FIR has been filed, and an investigation is currently on,” said Superintendent of Police, NGH, Abraham T Sangma.

One of the gang members, identified as Rajip Marak, has a criminal record and had been involved in a few cases and been jailed.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)