Four years on, Meghalaya House in Bangalore still a distant dream

Minister of Public Works Department (Buildings) Dasakhiatbha Lamare on Thursday informed that the hunt for land to construct a Meghalaya House in Bangalore is still on.


Four years and on, the proposed Meghalaya House in the 'Silicon Valley' of India - Bangalore is still a distant dream as land for this purpose is yet to be identified and purchased. 

Minister of Public Works Department (Buildings) Dasakhiatbha Lamare on Thursday informed that the hunt for land to construct a Meghalaya House in Bangalore is still on.  

Talks with officials of the Karnataka government were going on in full swing; however, due to the pandemic, the same was delayed, said Lamare while expressing confidence in breaking the deadlock before his term comes to an end.

“We are in talks. I went to Bangalore in February this year, before the lockdown and met a few people who are property dealers,” Lamare said.  

The minister said he had written to the Karnataka officials on the same, six to seven months back, and a reply was given whereby the latter had called him for talks to discuss the types and locations of the land fit for construction of the Meghalaya House.  

“First thing, we need a land and not just any land and we don't want to compromise on anything because the place should serve its purpose as there are so many people from our state who are either studying or working in Bangalore,” he stated.  

When asked whether he would be able to get the job done before completion of his term, Lamare replied in the affirmative but said, “The pandemic is making everything uncertain these days –but I will try my best.” 

When enquired about the delay in purchasing land despite the idea being mooted in 2018, the minister said, “The delay was because of the same thing – we were looking for a proper and suitable land. I picked up from where the then minister Comingone Ymbon had left off. I spoke to the same people and I am meeting the same officials.” 

It may be reminded that in 2018, the Khasi Student Union (KSU) of Bangalore Unit, had submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, asking for the Meghalaya House in the metropolitan city since Bengaluru is a favourite destination for students, entrepreneurs, tourists, job-seekers, etc. from the state of Meghalaya. 

The then minister Comingone Ymbon had informed that the state was not able to acquire land in Bangalore due to fund constraints, adding that the cost of land in the city was very expensive. 

Progress of infrastructural works 

The PWD (Buildings) minister informed that the pandemic-induced lockdown has hampered the progress of many infrastructural projects in the state like the construction of the new Assembly building at Mawdiangdiang, New Shillong Township and the Shillong Engineering College at Mawlai.  

“We had a plan to inaugurate the new Assembly building on Jan 21, 2022, but I don’t think so it will be possible. Let us see,” he said.  

Furthermore, he said that due to the lack of skilled manpower in the state, many of the projects are delayed. “We are able to pick some local skilled labourers but we don’t have enough,” he added.

(Edited by Ibankyntiew Mawrie)

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