Dialogue with insurgent groups must for peace in Northeast: VP Venkaiah Naidu


Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Monday asserted the need for dialogue with insurgent groups, noting that peace is the prerequisite for progress and development of the Northeast. "Now is the time that we must utilise this peaceful atmosphere and create a proper ecosystem for the development of the states in a fast-track manner", he said.

Addressing those present at the laying of the foundation stone for the Shillong to Dawki road project, he said education, health, employment opportunities, and connectivity are all vital to the people of the Northeast.

Naidu also emphasised that "everything should be transparent. People should know what is happening... Second is accountability. People who are in charge of these programmes... they should be held accountable... the engineers, the administrators, the contractors, the people who are the executive agencies..."

Terming corruption as the enemy of development, he called for "zero tolerance". He further expressed the importance of digitising government services for citizens, so that the appropriate benefits, such as pensions, provisions of the public distribution system and any kind of compensation, reach the right people directly and not into the pockets of bureaucrats through bribes and subsidy leakage. "This should be the motto of the government", he said.

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