Bad Roads: Delay in medical treatment claims life of a young boy at Meghalaya village

The road that is left to be constructed is 5 km, while 10 km is already black-topped.

The delay to get medical treatment in time because of an extremely bad road condition has claimed the life of a young boy on July 1 at Jakhong village falling under Mairang constituency.

Speaking to The North East Today (TNT), the headman of Jakhong village, Sebastian Marwein said, “The little boy passed away on July 1. We know nothing about the cause of death but had the road condition been a good one, then he could have reached the treatment facility in time.”

The headman said that the little boy fell sick early in the morning and the family members immediately took him to the nearest PHC but they were delayed as the vehicle was stuck for nearly one hour because of the poor road condition.

“Our road here is getting really difficult. The road is a steep uphill, and it is even more arduous,” he said.

In view of the road condition, the lackadaisical attitude of the contractors is also being brought under scanner. Marwein said that the work order for the construction of the road was received in 2018 or 2019 under PMGSY but the contractor did not work.

“We waited for the contractor for one year to start the work but he did not do so. And then, we complained to the SE and a fresh tender was invited and another contractor was allotted the work. But he too did not complete the work. This contractor also started a part of the work but he left it without completing the project,” he said.

The road that is left to be constructed is 5 km, while 10 km is already black-topped.

Marwein said it is not only Jakhong that has over 900 residents, is affected by the bad road condition, but 4 other adjoining villages as well.

In 2015, a pregnant woman also passed away while on her way to the hospital even as she delivered the baby.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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