Cyberbullying on the rise in Meghalaya; FIR filed by Tura resident



An FIR was filed on November 16 by a resident of Tura after he allegedly became a victim of cyberbullying that sought to defame him.

The case was filed by the victim, Tengsrang Sangma against one Cherikrang Rangsa Dokgre (social media handle) which the victim attributed to a member of the organisation, Achik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM).

The post in question has named former chairman of the ANVC, Dilash Marak and another Wilber Marak of following Songsarek traditions from Christianity and Tengsrang of propagating their words through another social media handle ‘Nuru Mandei’.

“He (Cherikrang) is an active AHAM member and has often bullied people online through their proxy Facebook posts. His primary aim is to play the blame game on others through false accounts,” said Tengsrang in the FIR.

The post was uploaded on the popular newsgroup, ‘The All Garo Hills Times Now (Day and Night)’.

Tengsrang has requested the higher authorities to investigate the matter and book the perpetrator under various IT laws.

Superintendent of Police, West Garo Hills, Dr MGR Kumar said that the matter was currently under investigation.

“If the matter is cognizable, the case will be registered accordingly,” said Dr Kumar.