Crude oil findings in Mawsynram “positive”, says legislator Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang


Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang, legislator from Mawsynram constituency, said the crude oil findings in his constituency are “positive”. Earlier, news of possible crude oil deposits in the constituency had attracted attention from senior officials of Oil India Limited Duliajan, Assam.

“The director general manager of the Oil India Limited called me and inquired about the particulars and details of these oil findings in my constituency. I shared whatever few details that I could with them. And then they decided to come when the pandemic would be overall lessened,” he said.

A senior team of Oil India Limited had visited Shillong on September 27, 2021. After a brief meeting, they left for the border areas of the Dholai–Malai village with the myntri of the Malai Sohmat Syiemship, along with local guides, to collect samples for testing. The tests have now revealed “good presence of thermogenic gas”, namely, methane.

More surveys and studies will now follow to understand the quantity of deposits of the reserves in this area.

"They are also interested in the oil, which is reported to have been found in the areas of Warding, which we call in the villages of Telsora A and B and village of Umsohpieng,” Shangpliang said.

It should be noted that the Mawsynram constituency is close to the international border with Bangladesh. Within a 10-km radius is Chatak on the other side of the border, where there is already a gas refinery.

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