Agnes, Amita threatened for reporting illegal coal transportation; file FIR against caller

In the FIR, the social activists mentioned that one, Nick Nongkhlaw, had called them informing that the coal-laden trucks belonged to his friend and they should facilitate their release.



Two social activists, Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma, have filed an FIR against one person, identified as Nick Nongkhlaw, for reporting alleged illegal transportation of coal in Wahsnait, on October 18.

In the FIR lodged at the Madanryting police station, Civil Society Women Organization (CSWO) chief Kharshiing and member, Amita Sangma, stated that concerned public had informed them about two coal-laden trucks (AS 01-EC 0796 and AS 01-GC 5019) parked at Wahsnait, Laitkor, which had drawn the attention of the public. Following which, they informed the Madanryting police.

“The OC of Madanryting had deputed someone to inspect the coal trucks and police were posted at the spot. But they later informed that the drivers of the trucks had fled leaving the coal-laden tricks in the area," the activists said in the FIR.

In the FIR, the activists also mentioned that Nongkhlaw had called the activists informing that the trucks belonged to his friend and they should facilitate their release.

The caller threatened Sangma stating that he knows her son, after which they immediately informed the OC of Madanryting PS, the FIR read. Following this, the two trucks had gone missing from the area, the social workers said.

"Who groomed him to call us, saying ‘Sangma, nga ithuh khun phi’ (Sangma, I know your son)? It’s a direct threat to our lives as well as on anyone reporting on illegal coal,” the women added.

The two activists have further demanded an investigation on the matter as to how did the tricks disappear under the nose of the police, and if someone from the police department is helping the person.

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