5 facts about Meghalaya freedom fighter U Kiang Nangbah you should know


FACTS | December 30, 2019:

Here are the facts you need to know about U Kiang Nangbah.

#1. U Kiang Nangbah was a freedom fighter from Meghalaya who led an uprising against the British.

#2. U Kiang Nangbah was born to Ka Rimai Nangbah at Tpeppale in Jowai. When the British annexed the Jaintia Kingdom in the year 1835, it is said that he was a child which is why the exact date of birth is not known.

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#3. The brave U Kiang Nangbah led an uprising against the British and was hanged by the British publicly at Iawmusiang in Jowai, West Jaintia Hills district on 30 December 1862.

#4. In the year 1967, a government college was also opened in Jowai to honour this brave warrior.

#5. A postage stamp was issued by Government of India to commemorate him in 2001.