Meghalaya: Diversion plan of NEC road in Ri Bhoi district faces opposition



The residents of 12 villages under the border areas of Umtyrnga, Ri Bhoi, expressed their opposition over the diversion of the sanctioned North Eastern Council (NEC) road.

The 12 villages include Chibra, Jorsyiem, Nagrabil, Jyrmang, Pillangku A and B, Tamalbari A and B, Pahamjila, Umlathu, Pynker C, Pynker A and Umsen.

We may note that the NEC had sanctioned a 30-kilometre road from Baridua (GS Road) to Umsen village for an amount of Rs 84 crore.

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The representatives of the 12 villages expressed their vehement opposition over the diversion of the NEC road.

“We were shocked to know that road connectivity has been diverted. When the construction reached Umtyrnga until Chibra village, they diverted the construction to connect just two villages with the mere population that is Bainanobi and Pynker B,” said one representative.

The representatives also stated that if the concerned authority cannot rectify the diversion, they would take other drastic measures.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)