Water woes in Manipur’s Tamenglong town; artificial reservoirs set to solve scarcity problem



The Tamenglong water supply projects, located atop picturesque hills, have caught the attention of one and all.

Constructed under the Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) Scheme under the Ministry of DoNER (Development of Northeastern Region), there are two artificial water reservoirs in Tamenglong scheduled for inauguration next year.

The first one is at Hagoipat Duithanlong at 1,160 metres above sea level with a capacity of 46.90 million litres.


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The second one is at Joulen Gadaijang in Gadai range at 1,378 metres above sea level with a capacity of 46.90 million litres.

The projects aim to provide safe drinking water to residents of Tamenglong by conserving water at Hangoipat, Duithanlong in Carpentry area in Tamenglong headquarters which would be able to supply water to the lower portion of the Tamenglong town.

Meanwhile, the water supply at Joulen area on the eastern side of Gadai Hills would facilitate safe drinking water to the upper side of Tamenglong.

“The sanctioned amount for both the project is Rs. 38.96 crore, and it will solve the problem of the water scarcity during the non-rainy season. Although Tamenglong receives the highest rainfall in Manipur, no big streams or rivers flow in Tamenglong with sufficient discharge of water throughout the year,” the Executive Engineer of Tamenglong PHE Division, Gaijinlung Thaimei, said.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)