Manipur National Sports University land dispute takes a U-turn



The National Sports University (NSU) land dispute issue took a new twist after a group of mob hit the streets of Manipur condemning the renaming of the NSU Haorethel, Kangpokpi in Leimakhong area on Thursday.

Residents of Khurkhul, Kanto, Kanto Sambal, Leimakhong (villages in Imphal West District) in large numbers belonging to the Meitei community thronged the area at the foothills of Leimakhong and removed the signboard and nameplates that read Kangpokpi district.

The counter blockade was spearheaded by the National Sports University Haraothel Protection Committee and have demanded to withdraw the agreement signed between the Manipur Government and the Kuki groups that was signed on Wednesday.

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It was agreed that the National Sports University Haraothel Imphal West would be renamed to National Sports University ,Haraothel, Kangpokpi.

Speaking to the media, protestors on Thursday said that they cannot accept the new agreement as the National Sports University is located in Imphal West and not in Kangpokpi. They also agitated against the damaged done to one of their shrines by the miscreants from the other group.