"Controversial" photo of Manipur CM goes viral, evokes mixed response



A photo from the unverified Facebook account of Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was subjected to criticism from various sections of the people in Manipur.

The photo, reportedly posted on February 25, shows youths kneeling on the floor as the CM walks, and as expected, that did not go well with netizens.

The photo also carried the caption, "I am proud to see the culture and custom of the Manipuris. What a discipline."

As soon as the photo went viral on social media, the topic became a hot subject of discussion across various platforms.

While some considered the gesture a sign of monarchy, others praised it and termed it a sign of respect.

"You are elected by the people. The time when the citizens need to kiss the ground when the monarch walked, is gone. I am so disappointed," a person wrote.

Another relatively moderate voice said, "The actual custom and tradition is you bow when they bow to show respect, not fold hands standing, just saying."

Similarly, one person commented, "There is a saying among certain tribes in Senapati that if you do something wrong to a Meitei, visit him as a guest, you will be respected and unharmed. Meiteis consider their guest as Gods and receive them with a bow."

(Edited by Shankar Kumar Turha)


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