An interaction with Manipur's solo artist Robert Luwang



Music is to celebrate life. In sadness and joy and in every walk of life, music eases and elevates the passing moments! The soothing melodies would not have been felt if not for those who create them and weave the unseen emotions into songs.

TNT-The Northeast Today was fortunate enough to catch up with one of the talented singer, composer and a musician, who is living his musical dream.

He is none other than, Robert Luwang from Imphal, Manipur, who goes by the stage name DZUKO.

Much to his credit, Luwang is an artist, music producer and a certified sound engineer.

Surprisingly, our guest of this episode is also a passionate cook, whose love for delicacies is second to none.

Luwang says he spent his younger days, playing the guitar that was gifted by his dad while he was in his 8th grade.

Soon he engaged himself in the company of mutually interested buddies, and worked hard to build on the musical ladder, and there has been no looking back ever since.

Let us hear from Mr Robert without further adieu!

TNT- Take us through your musical journey?

RL: Growing up my childhood was surrounded by music..not a musician family per se but my house was filled with my dad's old cassettes collection..old record player.. CD's and vinyls... I was introduced to different kind of music from rock to pop to the classicals and countries since young.. so subconsciously I was drawn to music and it became an important part of my life growing up..more like a soundtrack which constantly plays in the background. Since then I was listening playing learning and singing different kinds of songs and instruments..and developed a great liking and passion for it.. it was after my 12th exam that I was faced with the decision either to pursue music or to do academics like every kid does. But I end up choosing the former and never looked back since. I was lucky and thankful that my parents supported me in every choices that I made.

Long story short I did my Bachelor's of Music in St. Anthony's college, Shillong, Meghalaya and after that did a diploma in Sound Engineering and Music production in SACAC, New Delhi.

I have been producing and mixing music professionally ever since.

TNT: Is there any occasion where it was like you stumbled into music?

RL: Yes. There were many times where I asked myself what am I doing with my life. Being a musician and music producer is not easy coz it's not as mainstream as other profession and to make a living from it is not a smooth ride.. but having said that we all gotta follow and make it to our dreams ,right? nothing comes easy.

TNT-What was it like to be playing and performing music to the audience?

RL-It's a feeling of you taking them to your dreamland where you're the narrator and they're listening to your stories.

TNT- Looking back from where you started, how has been your musical journey?

RL-It's been up and down but most importantly I have learnt so much and still learning and will learn and have met so many wonderful people along the way.. It's been a beautiful journey I should say.

TNT-What songs do you basically write about?

RL-Most of my songs are bout love.. heartbreaks..haha.. that's one thing in life we all live for, right.."love"

TNT-Tell us about your recent works? what are they about?

RL-I have been releasing singles after singles recently. My goal is to push out and share all the music and songs that I have so will keep on releasing.

Recently I experimented manipuri lyrics with rnb..bit of neosoul and jazz and western pop, something different from the mainstream manipuri songs.

Some of them are, I can't stop this feeling, Lonna Lonna means "secretly", Numitlei, Leina Jagoi Meaning "Slow dance", Fongdoklaro("say it out"), Last Time, COFFEE, Beautiful U.

TNT-Who are your source of Inspiration?

RL-It's the people I have met, people I share my stories and life with..and yes listening to other musicians and artists as well.

TNT-Who are your music idols (if any)?

RL-Biggest fan of Michael Jackson, steely Dan, Bruno Mars to name a few.

TNT-How should one see music in their life?

RL-One should see music as a free therapy. Music can heal..takes you to certain places or can speak and feel for an old friend.

TNT- Would you like to share with our audience on one of your stage fright moments?

RL-Haha I have it all the time even today. Worst things that have happened is to forget the lyrics.

TNT-What are your future plans?

RL-To have and run a recording studio and probably a music school with my fellow musician friends.

TNT-Any message that you would like to share to our audience?

RL-Be kind and loving to one another. We're all trying to make it.

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)

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