TRAVEL | Assam: Dighalipukhuri becoming magnet for tourists in Guwahati


GUWAHATI, December 29, 2017: Centuries-old Dighalipukhuri lake in Guwahati is emerging as a popular tourist destination offering recreational activities, including boat rowing championships and boat rides.

The term 'Dighalipukhuri' is derived from two Assamese words 'Dighol' meaning long and 'Pukhuri' meaning lake. As the name indicates, it is a long manmade lake.

Adjacent to the lake is an amusement park where children play and have their share of fun and one of the sites that hold attention of the visitors is the newly constructed replica of legendary Assamese Ahom General Lachit Borphukan, who is known for his leadership during the famous battle of Saraighat.

"With the advancement in the park and more development, the tourist inflow will increase and more tourists from abroad will be attracted to this lake. I think coming here one can have a good time as the environment is peaceful and there is discipline. People come here enjoy maintaining peace and discipline," a tourist visiting the lake said.


The Assam Tourism Department is undertaking all possible measures like beautification of the lake, renovation the lake with various activities on the card like cleaning the lake, fencing and introducing facilities for tourists.

Commuting to Dighalipukhuri is easy and convenient as city buses are easily available and apart from that one can easily reach Dighalipukhuri by autorickshaw as well.

Assam has already carved out a niche in the world tourism map and developing the infrastructure of such lakes will surely boost the tourism potential of the state.


Featured image(courtesy): Wikipedia