Meet Nazrana Choudhury from Assam, an accomplished multi talented fashion designer and social worker


The Northeast Indian region has no dearth of talent in various forms- be it in the field of space, aeronautics, fashion designing, entrepreneurship and the likes. With a great young talent pool of resources, the region has proved time and again that any investment in the young talents will be worth investing.  One such talented lady is Nazrana Choudhury from Kamrup District of Assam.

An accomplished fashion designer with a flair for social work driven by service to the society, Nazrana is the recipient of various prestigious awards which include: B.R. Ambedkar National Award 2014, Assam Gaurav Award 2014, Certificate of appreciation from Parampara Assam Bangkok Fashion Show 2006, Certificate of appreciation from Paresh Shah Music director for contribution in  TV channel like Star Plus, Zee TV, Color etc, Best performance award in NIFT's Annual Exhibition in Kolkata, Certificate awarded by DONER. Besides, she has also been facilitated in different events  for creation of innovative design.

TNT-The Northeast Today recently caught up a conversation with Nazrana Choudhury. Here are excerpts from our interview with her:

TNT: Hello Nazrana, warm greetings to you! When did you start designing and what has the experience been like so far?

Nazrana: I started designing from a very small age and creating something new has always been my passion, and finally with the support of my family and inspirations like Dipankar Dutta and Arunima Dutta (MD of CEC and owner of Hindustan College) I started my career in fashion designing at CEC in the year 2005. Later I completed my higher studies in garment manufacturing technologies and merchandising from NIFT and ATDC (Apparel Training and Design Centre).

Regarding my experience, I feel it was a good start and prospective career.  The only thing I can say is being creative and innovative is the key to achievement.

TNT: Many people from the Northeast are fashion conscious and there are many up and coming designers from the region. Do you think being a designer has become a viable career option?

Nazrana: Being a designer is in fact a good career. People in Northeast have become trendy and fashion conscious, the only thing is that you need to create designs and style that the people want and feel that, " Yes, I am wearing something which is in vogue".

TNT: Tell us about your designs? What is the inspiration behind the line?

Nazrana: My design is based on elegance as I add my creation on outfit which has a rich look, bright and positive. Regarding inspiration, I studied the styles of the best designers and create my own new keeping in mind the people's choice.

TNT: Tell us about sourcing of materials. Do you use locally sourced materials and textiles?

Nazrana: Regarding sourcing of materials, I collect my fabrics from different apparel producers locally which people are not aware and these producers are already supplying in Germany UK etc.
And the supplementary designs which I put on fabrics are from lace, borders and lots of Zari work etc.

TNT: What do you think are the region's most valuable assets in terms of textiles?

Nazrana: The region's most valuable textiles according to me are all the indigenous fine fabrics and they can be the best assets of our region if only these fabrics are used in the right places where they create demand and become famous in the country and abroad

TNT: What do you hope will be the next step for you?

Nazrana: The next step and hope is to create innovative designs which will assure fame and make fashion go ahead.

TNT: Your message for budding fashion designers

Nazrana: My message is – Create new strive for innovativeness that people want.

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT-The Northeast Today