Distraught father questions Oil India Limited on son’s death


GUWAHATI | SEPT 14, 2020: 

The father of Arnab Kishore Bordoloi, a senior electrical engineer of Oil India Limited (OIL), who was electrocuted in the line of duty at Baghjan last Wednesday, has questioned OIL authorities on the circumstances leading to his 25-year-old son's death, also warning the oil PSU that the family was determined to "fight against injustice".

In a letter addressed to the OIL chairman and managing director, the deceased engineer's father, Bijit Kumar Bordoloi, on behalf of the family, resented the lack of official communication from the company so far.

Arnab was reportedly fixing a generator at the blowout well site on Wednesday afternoon when he suffered an electric shock. A few hours later, he was declared dead at Assam Medical College and Hospital in Dibrugarh.

Seeking a written reply from the OIL authorities, the distressed father also demanded CCTV footage of the entrance site and the details of the entry at the Baghjan site, including the timing on that day.

"On what ground was the young engineer sent to work in such a dangerous condition, all alone. Have any senior officials worked on such equipment before and if not, where was Arnab trained to work on the equipment?" Bordoloi asked.

Wondering whether the incident was an accident or happened because of negligence, he asked whether OIL had any standard operating procedures and safety guidelines and whether they briefed the deceased before they sent him to work at the site.

"Most importantly, what was the cause of his death and what lead to such an extreme situation? If they found him unconscious on-site, for how long was he lying unconscious and unattended?" he asked.

Bordoloi pointed out that his son had to deliver a presentation on that day. "Then why was he sent to the site later. Was it a forced last-minute order that he could not decline," he asked.

He further questioned why his son's phone, which mysteriously made its way to the site despite his son depositing the same at the entry gate. "Why was the phone damaged and later not handed over to the family," he asked.

"We as a family stand united and are more headstrong about this fight against the injustice caused to the family. If they do not answer the questions to our satisfaction, please be aware that we will fight with all might and force," Bordoloi asserted.