Dibrugarh police arrested 4 persons, seized drugs


Dibrugarh Police led by SP Shwetank Mishra in two joint operations with CRPF arrested 5 accused and seized a huge quantity of narcotic drugs, ganja, gold jewellery and cash.

In the first operation, the team arrested one person with 1.100 kg ganja.

In the second operation at the Kalibari area in the town, the team recovered 592 gms of heroin (approx market value Rs 25 lacs),  cash of Rs 66,000, jewellery worth lacs of rupees and also arrested 4 persons.

Police arrested one of the main culprits Abdul Karim including two women and another male person.

Dibrugarh SP Shwetank Mishra said Police has started a "war against drugs" under the direction of CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and DGP Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta.

(Edited by Aparmita Das)

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