Civil bodies dissolve members of UGACMC, reject Garo Development Committee in Assam



Various civil bodies that make up the United Garo Autonomous Council Movement Committee (UGACMC) passed a motion to dissolve the members of the UGACMC who supported the Garo Development Council (GDC).

The move comes in the wake of unrest within the community in Assam, which has been demanding a full-fledged autonomous council for the Garos of Assam but was left fuming when the UGACMC members settled for a “development council only.”

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The civil bodies, including the ASYFI, AAGGA, GWF, GNC (Assam State), GNUWW, GNUYW and the Assam Gaonbura Association informed about the decision in a memorandum submitted to Goalpara Deputy Commissioner Varnali Deka.

“We held a meeting on March 11 at Bakrapur, Damra, at the headquarter of the Assam Gaonbura Association, where we decided to dissolve the members for accepting the development council. This development council has been rejected multiple times by us but was accepted by them through a notification dated January 28, 2021, with the Assam Government,” said the members.

“The self-styled members of the UGACMC accepted the government’s proposition without even consulting the members of the Garo community or its leaders in Assam. We, therefore, resolved to remove them with immediate effect. We will induct new members to lead our fight for a Garo Autonomous Council (GAC) soon,” added the civil society members.

The members removed from the UGACMC include the advisor, chairman, general secretary, and 20 other members of the UGACMC forum.

(Edited by Andre Kongri)

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